--"So what's my latest recommendation? Well, you know our whims run to the quirky, but just to keep you slightly off kilter, today's recommendation is outright erudite. That's right, Marta Steele's "Psychology of the Traveler" is a thoughtful rumination on the soft underbelly of the traveler archetype. She is a super perceptive connection-maker, and her reflection weaves together a somewhat abstract but totally engaging web to snare the wander impulse once and for all. Just she capture it? It's an elusive subject, to be sure, but you may be surprised what she's come up with."


--"Marta is a popular writer who loves to engage in conversation with those who contribute comments. Dedicated , idealistic, original thinker, involved in peace, Election Integrity, and interfaith outreach since 2001. News, op eds, reviews, reports, public diaries, photography. Marta represented the Bucks County [PA] chapters on the Coalition for Peace Action Board for a number of years, and was an excellent recorder and note-taker. She also wrote up many Coalition for Peace Action events on her blog, and did a thorough and outstanding job." (12/2009)


--"I recommend highly the writing skills of Ms. Marta Steele. This recommendation, however, goes far beyond simply the act of writing. I rarely separate out the importance of content from the way something is written about. I know from long experience that when Marta "covers" an event, for the combined purpose of experiencing it and then writing about it, she astutely captures the essence and the essential parts of what has transpired. For example, if the event is a panel discussion, she first sets the "scene" and context, then homes in on the most key comments made by the panelists--often quoting things they've said but also aptly paraphrasing and sometimes adding interpretive comments. Then she proceeds to write, in the same incisive manner, about the audience question-and-answer portion of the occasion. For anyone with a need to have someone attend a specific event and then report on it, I cannot recommend Marta more highly."




--"You did a fantastic job! Thank you. The index is more than satisfactory, it is detailed and nicely structured and very very helpful. We are forever grateful. You added entries very correctly too, very deep understanding."  (1/2021)


--"Thank you again for all your careful and very productive labors on the index. It’s a robust, extensive, considered guide to the book. I appreciate very much the expertise and thought you put into devising it."  (5/2020)


--"What a most welcome sight! The pdf is exactly what I wanted and the index locorum looks great as well. … I sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and effort you put in these past few months. … It's been a pleasure working with you!" (8/18)

--"Marta edited my book on the history of the computer industry. She was wonderfully meticulous in her work, pushy when needed to get my attention, kind when I entered patches of writer's malaise."


--"Marta Steele has impressive credentials and experience as an editor and writer. As an editor, she is knowledgeable and insightful; she meets deadlines; she adjusts to house style; she contributes to problem-solving and works courteously and professionally with authors; and she readily applies other publishing skills, such as proofreading, as needed. Ms. Steele has been a valued contributor for two years as a freelance, onsite production editor, assisting the managing editor in the editorial production of the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, a peer-reviewed, technical publication of 50-plus volumes per year." (2/2010)


--"Marta and I worked together at a small ad agency where multiple hats were worn by all. Thoughtfulness, intelligence and insight -- coupled with an ability to keep her head when all about her are losing theirs -- enable Marta to communicate with purpose and precision. She is an asset to any group or ogranization wishing to convey its message with clarity and impact.” (12/2009)


--"To whom it may concern: Marta Steele served as a copyeditor for my Princeton University Press book, The Homeric Hymn to Demeter. She also did the index for my next book, Female Acts in Greek Tragedy (also Princeton University Press) and for a co-edited book published by Oxford University Press, Visualizing the Tragic: Drama, Myth, and Ritual in Greek Art and Literature. In all cases I thought that she did a remarkably thorough, careful, and scholarly job. She is certainly the most conscientious editor and indexer with whom I have worked. I have also recommended Marta to other colleagues who have been pleased with her work."