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  • Award-winning editor, 20 years of experience as academic indexer, proofreader, bibliographer, and copy editor;

  • College instructor in English composition, business writing, rhetoric, Latin, and ancient Greek;

  • Blogger (newblogs.wordsunltd.com) and published writer;

  • Headlined often at webpage that receives visitation of several thousands a month (www.opednews.com), of which I am also a senior editor;

  • Listed in Marquis Who's Who in the East, millennium edition, 2000 and other editions (see below);

  • Received Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement award in 2018;

  • Listed in the 2000 edition of the Directory of American Scholars;

  • Languages: French, Spanish, some German, Latin, ancient Greek;

  • Foreign-language consultant for fifteenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style;

  • Completed a series, Kierkegaard's Writings, at Princeton University Press, called the best translation/commentary in its category;

  • Edited Sundarakāṇḍa (translation of a Sanskrit epic poem), which was featured on the cover page of the Los Angeles Times  Sunday Book Review;

  • Edited translation of The Odes and Satires of Horace, which sold more than forty thousand copies;

  • Former board member, Coalition for Peace Action, Princeton, NJ;

  • Founding member, press liaison, and blogger, Coalition for Voting Integrity, Doylestown, PA;

  • Author, Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols: The Election Integrity Movement's Rise and Nonstop Battle to Win Back the People's Vote, 2000-2008 (Columbus: CICJ Press, 2012); related speaking engagements included a forum at the National Press Club, Washington, DC, 11/19/13, and panels at Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville, MD, 6/13/13 as well as the Left Forum, New York City, 5/22/16 (+ three 1-on-1 interviews).


Employment History

Freelance Academic Indexer for publications of the University of Chicago Press, Cambridge University Press, and other individual authors (2017-present); Freelance Academic Copy Editor for Cambridge University Press and University of Oklahoma Press (2023-24), University of Michigan Press (2017), and other individual authors; individual titles available on request.


Freelance Editor, 12/2014-11/2015: of domestic and international policy publications for Communications Development Incorporated, Georgetown, Washington, DC.


Instructor of English as a Second Language, 4/2012-6/2015: Working with Korean professional adults to perfect their English; tuition paid by their employers, Language Development Systems, SpeakCare and MIRAE programs, Lansing, Michigan.


Author, 2/15/2010-9/1/2012: of book Grassroots, Geeks, Pros, and Pols: The Election Integrity Movement's Nonstop Battle to Win Back the People's Vote, 2000-2008 (Columbus: CICJ Books, 2012); YouTube discussion at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K76-zP22Uo; three correlated live presentations in the DC area, 2013, and one more in 2016 in New York City.


Bibliographic Editor, 2/15/20l0-9/1/2011: Oxford Bibliographies Online, Oxford University Press, New York.


Production/Technical Editor, 5/19/2008-12/1/2010: National Academy of the Sciences, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC.


Freelance Editing, 2005-2010: for Professor (of business and economics) Francesco Perrini and others at Bocconi University, Milan, of books and various research papers, reports, and correspondence; for Ernest von Simson, Ostriker, Von Simson, Inc., New York, NY, Surviving Strategic Chaos (2010) and Discarded Patriot (2022); R. Oberhelman and V. Pedrick, eds., The Soul of Tragedy (University of Chicago Press, 2006); indexed C. Kraus and H. Foley, eds., Visualizing the Tragic (Oxford University Press, 2007). For more publications, see below.


Freelance Academic Book and Reference Editor for Oxford University Press, 11/1999-4/2004: books include S. R. Holman, The Hungry Are Dying (2001); M. Krawiec, Shenoute and the Women of the White Monastery (2002); L. Floridi, Sextus Empiricus (2002); T. Scanlon, Eros and Greek Athletics (2001); reference editing: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History and The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, 2d ed.: articles and language lists (the latter encompassing some 6,800 different languages).


Adjunct Professor of Homeric Greek, The College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, 9/2000-1/2001; Adjunct Instructor of Rhetoric, English department, The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ, 8/2001-12/2001. Freelance tutor in Latin for Inlingua, Inc., Princeton, NJ, winter, 2006-7.


Freelance Manuscript Editor, Indexer, and Academic Publishing Consultant under the logo Words, UnLtd., 6/1987-2/1991 and 4/1997-present: Have edited art history, classics, sociology, business, history, journalism, standardized tests, mathematics, popular fiction, school, college-level, and professional texts, including two Spanish textbooks; indexed one college philosophy survey text and three anthropology books; proofread one college German textbook. Employers include AMACOM Books, Walker and Co., McClanahan & Co., The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Oxford University Press, and The New Press, New York City; Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., Fort Worth, TX; Prentice-Hall and Globe Book Co., Englewood Cliffs, NJ; Transaction Books, New Brunswick, NJ; Barron's Educational Series, Inc., Hauppauge, NY (translated descriptive blurbs from Spanish to English for Barron's Profiles of American Colleges also); Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY; line edited Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages and The Encyclopedia of European Peoples for Facts on File, Inc., New York, City, 2003 and 2005.


     specializing in classics 4/1997-4/2012: edited and augmented index of biennial newsletters, 1977-1997, for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (ASCSA), Princeton Publications Office (http://www.ascsa.edu.gr/pdf/uploads/NL_Spring2012_index_v66.pdf); freelance edited and indexed (general, locorum, and museum indexes) Himmelmann, Childs, Meyer, Reading Greek Art (Princeton University Press, 1998); proofread and indexed (general, locorum, and verborum Greek/Latin) J. McMahon, Paralysin Cave (E.J. Brill, 1998); edited R. Stroud, The Athenian Grain-Tax Law of 374/3 B.C. (Hesperia Supplement 29; Princeton: ASCSA, 1998); edited and completed 2 indexes (general and locorum) for J. Cooper, Reason and Emotion: Essays on Ancient Moral Psychology and Ethical Theory (kleine Schriften of articles on ancient Greek philosophy, Princeton University Press, 1999); edited, vetted, and proofread S. Alexander, trans., The Complete Odes and Satires of Horace (Princeton, 1999). Indexed L. Kurke, Coins, Bodies, Games, and Gold (general; published Princeton, 7/1999), A. Boegehold, When a Gesture Was Expected (general, locorum, and museum; Princeton, 1999), H. Foley, Female Acts in Greek Tragedy (general; Princeton, 2001); consultant in stylistics pertaining to ancient Greek and Latin for The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (2004); freelance copy editor and consultant for the University of Chicago Press: S. Benardete, The Argument of the Action (2000), B. Krostenko, Cicero, Catullus, and the Language of Social Performance (2001); W. Burkert, Savage Energies, tr. Peter Bing (2001); freelance indexer for Zone Books (New York, NY): M. Sahlins, Culture in Practice (2000). Freelance bibliographer for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York (9/2000 2/2001): S. Carboni et al., The Glass of the Sultans; freelance editor for American Journal of Philology (Johns Hopkins University), fall 2002 (vol. 123.3).


Manuscript / Production Editor, specializing in classics, and Series Editor, Kierkegaard's Writings (the 25 text volumes were completed in 5/1998; see further below, at "Honors") and Ramayana of Valmiki, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2/1991-9/1999: Edited and oversaw the production through bound book of academic manuscripts; completed a style sheet for the editing of Princeton Press classics books that address classicist as well as generalist audiences (7/1997). Series editing in cooperation with the staffs at Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, and the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, CA. Supervised summer interns in production department (1996 and 1997), teaching editorial and production skills; wrote monthly feature essays for PUProfiles and Words, UnLtdthe Press's newsletters (1996-1999); editor of (and continued contributor to) newsletter, 4/1999-8/1999.


Freelance Translator/Author for Transparent Language, Hollis, NH, manufacturer of computer software for foreign-language, on-screen instruction, 4/1995-2/1997: Analyzed translation of and authored Ovid, "Narcissus" episode, Metamorphoses 3.339-510 from classical Latin into English (LE-206); translated from English to French and authored "Adventure in D.C." and translated from English to French "Pitfalls of the English Language" for the English as a Foreign Language division (EF-CE5); translated from French and authored an eight-volume set of disks, "The French Anthology," selected French poetry from Chanson de Roland to Genet.


Editor of Standardized Tests, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, 9/1985-6/1987: Including SAT, Advanced Placement, College Board Achievement, GMAT, and GRE, in every subject area and all age categories from elementary school through adult.


Copy Chief, New Jersey Network (educational television), Trenton, NJ, 5/1985-9/1985: Copyedited Network Magazine and brochures, newsletters, and promotional material; wrote two magazine features, including one cover story, and rewrote another cover story.


Adjunct Instructor in English Composition, research and exposition, and business writing, Rider College Department of English, 9/1984-6/1985: Taught day and evening students, all ages, averaging about 65 students per term (3 classes); skill levels ranged from post-baccalaureate to marginally literate; emphasis was on learning to write through style and usage exercises and a high volume of actual writing assignments. Translated into Latin the official diploma awarded annually to graduates of the Baccalaureate Honors program.


Full-time and Freelance Newspaper Reporter, 9/1983-9/1985: For Valley News, Entertainment Weekly, Huntsville Star, and Hometown Press, Huntsville, Alabama; and American Jewish Life (Ewing, NJ), Intercounty Newspapers (Yardley News, Newtown Advance, Lower Bucks County, PA), and Princeton Packet (Princeton, NJ); worked for eight months as full-time news reporter in Ardmore, Tennessee-Alabama, covering local government events as well as human interest, crime, etc.; other freelance assignments were in business and entertainment promotion, a column on cultural events (Huntsville), interviewing local celebrities (Huntsville), and two magazine features, one profiling a master storyteller in Huntsville and the other a study and analysis of issues related to breast cancer (Princeton, 1985).


B.A., linguistics and Spanish, Wellesley College, 1971, as Wellesley College Scholar (the equivalent of cum laude; received Freshman Honors, 9/1968); M.A., classical philology and historical and comparative linguistics, UCLA, 1973; Completed Ph.D. course work, classical philology, Boston University, 1980; elected to Phi Sigma Iota, a foreign language national honors society, in 1980.


Other course work completed in classics, poetry writing, journalism, Old French and Provençal poetry, German, history of music, word-processing and Internet, and public speaking.


Computer background: Currently work on Word 2023 for Windows 11 and iMac Sonoma 14.3.1; some newsletter designing, including photography; also some Microsoft Office 2023, QUARK Express, and html.


Volunteer for Bryn Mawr-Wellesley Book Sale (2001-2005): shelving, pricing, sorting all categories of books for resale to benefit scholarship funds. Volunteer presenter, Wellesley College Book Award (2002), at two local high schools.


Volunteer translator for the HELIOS project (SUDA@lsv.uky.edu), an offshoot of the Classics-L internet discussion group based at University of Washington (classics@u.washington.edu), of Greek into English of the entire Suda Lexicon from Byzantine Greek (begun 1/1998); my rubrics were 1000-1009.


College-level instructor of Latin while studying graduate-level classics at University of California, Los Angeles, 1971-1973, and Boston University, 1976-1980 (also, during these terms, tutored in ancient Greek and ghost-taught a high school Latin course).


First Day School teacher, first and second grades, Newtown Friends Meeting, Newtown, PA, 1987-1988; taught mainly Old Testament and arts and crafts related to this study.


Volunteer for Kerry-Edwards presidential campaign, 10/2004-11/2004: registering voters, phoning and canvassing to persuade the undecided and then reminding Democrats to get to the polls.

Memberships and Honors

Member: Huntsville Women Writers Consortium (also co-founder), 1983-1984; American Philological Association, 1997-2000; American Classical League, 1997-2000; New Jersey Classics Association, 2001-2002; Editorial Freelancers Association, 1985-1991, 2000-present (also contributed to newsletter); Women in Scholarly Publishing, 1999-2002; The Wellesley Club of Central New Jersey, 2001-2007; Women's National Book Association (contributed writing to newsletter), New York City Chapter, 2002-2007; Recording Scribe, Steering Committee, Princeton Coalition for Peace Action, 2005-2007 (member since 2002); American Association of University Women, (started writers' group and co-produced program on counter-recruitment) 2004-2007; Press Liaison, Coalition for Voting Integrity, Doylestown, PA, 4/2005-2007; Recording Secretary, Peace and Social Concerns Committee, Washington Friends Meeting, Washington, DC, 2007-2008; member, DC Interfaith Peace Initiative, 2008-2010. Member, American Society for Indexing (2018-present; on membership cttee 2024) and Indexing Society of Canada (2019-present).


Listed in the Marquis Who's Who in the East, 27th edition and numerous other editions: ---in America and ---in the World; received Who's Who Lifetime Achievement award in 2018. Listed in the Directory of American Scholars, 1999 edition; International Authors and Writers Who's Who, May 1999, 16th edition (IBC, Cambridge, England) and pilot edition of IBC s 2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 20th Century; honored at Royal Danish Embassy, Washington, DC, May 1998, for completion of the 25 text volumes of the Kierkegaard's Writings series (Princeton University Press publications). Profiled in the January 2003 issue of The New York Bookwoman, Meet a Member page; acknowledged in the preface of The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition (University of Chicago Press, 2004).